Top Photo Locations on Every College Campus

A college campus is more than a place of study or even a home to its students. A campus is a hymn to college life. It is the symbol of your youth, a place where so many good things happen, a place to remember long after graduation. This is why the design of campuses is crucial. Fortunately, many college campuses across America were built with a full understanding of their value to students. Thus, college campuses often offer students, not just the comfort of their walls but the beauty of their territories. Many students use this beauty to create gorgeous photos of their campuses. Here is the list of the top most beautiful photo locations on college campuses.

The University of Oklahoma. Bizzell Memorial Library

The magnificent architecture of the library combined with the right light (the best time for the photoshoot is during the ‘golden hour’) can create truly magical photos. The tall red walls of the building, the green bushes, and trees, which frame the big entrance, create numerous opportunities for a unique shot. By looking at this view you can think “can anyone do my homework for me? I want to spend my whole day roaming in front of the Bizz, looking for a perfect shot.” No one can judge you for doing that!

The University of Massachusetts. Orchard Hill Library

It is impossible to imagine any UMass student without a picture taken in front of the Orchard Hill Library. It is not only that it is, probably, the most iconic building across the entire campus, but it is also one of the most picturesque scenery you can find there.

Ontario Tech University. The Library

It seems like we have found a pattern here, but here is another library for you to take a picture. The library at Ontario Tech University is definitely one of the most interesting and beautiful locations on the campus. It definitely hits all of the Instagram requirements to make a great picture, especially if taken in the evening. The pond in front of the building perfectly reflects the lighting soaking through the glass walls. It creates such a soft, warm, welcoming atmosphere that it’s just hard to resist taking a photo of this beauty.

Colorado State University. Yates foliage wall

Walking to West Laurel Street, especially in the fall, can be one of the most magical experiences ever. The beauty of the street, the symmetry, the trees with their gorgeous yellow leaves; everything is just perfect.
Here we have offered just a few examples of beautiful photo locations on a college campus. Of course, there are so many more places that students should learn about in their search for the best campus photos. Though, there will never be a prettier campus than the one you perceive as your home. So go ahead, explore your campus in a search of beautiful secret places you’d love to take with you, in a photo, into your adult life.